Katharina: GAH! Mister Book! I ... didn't see you there. And please don't get me wrong but NO, it really ... WOULDN'T.
Book: Well in that case I DON'T promise ... to, er. Um.
<Katharina glares at him>
Book: I ... MEAN I promise to not make any more JOKES about that. I'm REALLY sorry Miss Grauch. It wasn't even funny.
Katharina: ... at least you are LEARNING. Try not to forget it again.
Book: Anyways, I just saw you and wanted to say hello - but I can leave if I'm making you UNCOMFORTABLE ...
Katharina: YOU don't make me uncomfortable, just jokes about my DEATH do.
Book: UNDERSTANDABLE. I apologize again. Are you enjoying the evening thus far ... ?
Katharina: Er, YES, thanks. I was actually HOPING to meet you because I wanted to introduce you to someone from the expedition. But she just ... RAN OFF.
Book: <looks around> Oh ... someone from the Guild? I hope my CRUDE HUMOUR hasn't scared her away ...
Katharina: I ... wouldn't worry about THAT with her.



Alt-text: "You can't solve everything with puns, Book. Unfortunately."

To announce it here again: Relettering of the old pages is done. JAY!

To celebrate have a color pic of a proud Halen I uploaded on my DeviantArt account a while ago: https://bloodelfsandman.deviantart.com/art/Love-Respect-be-Proud-748339785

The relettering actually took less long than I expected ... but it still was quite a bit of work. I'll enjoy having a bit more time in the week left now after finishing the new page ...

I think as the next goal I want to start updating the cast page again (and maybe rework it a bit structurally), but I might not get to that right away as I'll be pretty busy with other things the next two weekends.

One thought on “page281

  1. *opens the champaigne* Yessss! It’s done! CONGRATULATIONS!
    Now it’s time for the reworking of the drawings themselves … naaaah ^^ Actually I think it’ kind of cute to see the progress of an artist in the course of a webcomic.

    But an update of the cast page is a good idea for sure :) And maybe a map! With dragons! And serpents! All the fancy stuff that hides that one doesn’t have the slightest clue of what is where :D ^^

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