As a rule of thumb, you should never be more attached to your hair than it is to you. The other way lies sorrow and grief.

In these pages you can once again see how I start a new scene with drawing elaborate backgrounds and then get more and more lazy with them as I realize I’d now have to draw them every single panel in the next 10 pages

↓ Transcript
Katharina: I see you got your hair cut since last time.
Book: Ah, yes - but for rather PRAGMATIC reasons, you see. I feared my long hair would have been too much of a nuisance in the HOT JUNGLE ...
Katharina: <sits down on a bench in front of a fire> Hmh ... not that it doesn't LOOK GOOD but if that was your concern you probably should have gone ALL THE WAY with it.
Book: <sighs> Yes I guess you are right ... but I chickened out. I was a bit too ATTACHED to it, I'm afraid.
Book: Is it ... alright if I sit with you for a moment?
Katharina: ... yes, go ahead.
Book: are you sure?
Katharina: Yes.
Book: Because I don't want to IMPOSE -
Katharina: By Lhûn, just SIT DOWN already!
Book: Yes, Ma'am.
<Book sits down beside her and takes his glasses off>
Katharina: You ... don't have to be THAT polite, Mister Book ...
Book: I'm sorry, I just want to leave a good first impression. Or a SECOND one, since I screwed up the first one. Sorry about the language.
Book: But I am glad that you think my hair looks good.
Katharina: Did I say that?
Book: I am reasonably sure you DID, Miss Grauch.
Katharina: Well ... I MEANT it. But don't get any ideas.
Book: I wouldn't dare.