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↓ Transcript
Katharina: I do have to CLARIFY one thing, though: While we are grateful for Lady Violet's support, this expedition is led by the MAGES' GUILD. And more specifically by ME. I hope that won't be a PROBLEM for you?
Book: Oh most certainly not, Miss Grauch. I'm just here to SUPPORT you. I will follow your orders and help where I can, nothing more. To be honest, I'm very EXCITED about the whole thing. I actually ASKED the Lady to be sent with you, you know?
Katharina: DID you, now?
Book: Er, well, YES I -
<Shara appears behind him and puts her hand on his shoulder>
Shara: Is THAT him?
Book: <surprised> ARG! E-excuse me?
Katharina: <sighs> YES Shara, that's him. Mister Book, this is SHARA, the friend I told you about.
Book: OH, I see! Er ... in that case I look forward to travelling with you! I am JESTER BOOK, pleased to meet you, Shara!
Shara: Mhm ... you're right Kat, he doesn't seem THAT dangerous. A bit JUMPY maybe.
Katharina: That ... tends to happen if you SNEAK UP on someone, Shara ...
Shara: Yeah but the REACTION says a LOT about that person. And it's pretty funny. Heh.