Book: Ehrm ... so, MISS SHARA ... are you -
Shara: NOT "Miss Shara". Just SHARA.
Book: ... as you wish. I'm not going to "Miss" you then.
Shara: ... was that supposed to be a JOKE, "Jester"?
Book: HAHAH ... Yes, I'm sorry. Just trying to live up to my NAME, I guess.
Shara: ... stick to the "Book" for that one.
Book: HAH! Very good one, yes ... now since Miss Grauch told me that you're not part of the guild ... do you mind if I ask what it IS that you do for a living?
Katharina: Shara don't be RUDE, please! He is just trying to -
Book: NONO, it's alright ... I feel I might have OVERSTAYED my welcome for now.
Katharina: That is NOT true ...
Shara: YES it is.
Book: I'll leave you two alone now ... I have to finish packing anyways. I look forward to travelling with both of you!
Book: FAREWELL, ladies!
Shara: I'll keep my EYE on you in that jungle, Book.
Katharina: Good night and SORRY FOR SHARA!



Alt-text: "I didn't even know Jester was in the Jungle Book ..."

I bet by know Katharina has practice in apologizing for Shara.

The next weekend I will be gone for most of the time and come back somewhen on sunday ... I'm not exactly sure when. Thus the next update might be a bit later than usual.

Also this chapter is almost done ... a few more pages to wrap up this scene and then some epilogue pages ... and then we'll jump into the next one (that I'm pretty excited for).

Stay tuned!

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  1. Here also excited ^^ Now that all the figurines are on the chess board and have been introduced to each other, I’m quite eager to see what happens on the respective journeys of Katharina & Co. and the Gena …

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