<The jungle, Katharina and some other people are gathered around a campfire>
Katharina: WELL, EVERYONE ... ! It should be just a few more days before we arrive at our destination. Everything went well and easy so far, but keep in mind that this is the GREAT JUNGLE. So let's continue to be CAREFUL and STAY TOGETHER and I'm sure it'll stay that way!
Katharina: That being said ... I know for some of you the goal of this expedition remains a bit ... OMINOUS. We are travelling to a spot in the jungle where someone has recently discovered some ruins of BARIAN or maybe TYR'ENN origin. But what does that MEAN? WHY is that interesting?
Katharina: I realize those of you who are not here as historians - like me and my colleagues here - probably don't NEED to know about the history of this region ... but I thought maybe it'll be of interest to some of you ANYWAYS. And I WHOLEHEARTEDLY believe that knowing history never HURTS anyone.
Katharina: So ... dies anyone here want to here some stories about the SERPENT EMPIRE, the WALL and the GREAT WAR? I figured a CAMPFIRE might be a fitting place for that.
Book: ... that is a GREAT IDEA Miss Grauch! I am very excited to learn from you.
Professor Queahn: And Friedrich and I will be very happy to CORRECT any facts that you might be getting WRONG, Lady Grauch!
Katharina: ... yes, THANK YOU Professor Queahn, I am INCREDIBLY glad to hear that.



Alt-text: "Frederick is probably sleeping already."

So back we are, with Katharina doing some talking. She likes doing that.

During the break I added a few more faces to the cast page ... or a lot more faces (holy crap do I have a lot of tyr'enn characters already ._. ). At least it should now show all chars that appeared up to the point of this page.

Of course most of them still don't have their own page and some of them probably will never get that until they speak more than two lines in total ... I'm also trying around with the layout and the page organization of the cast pages, so that might change a bit in the future (trying to work withing the limits of WordPress here without resorting to creepy CMS-Plugins).

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  1. Ooouuhh, Katharina is _so thrilled_ by the fact that she has just been put back onto the student’s bench ^^

  2. I like this Professor Queahn… he reminds me of myself… :P

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