Katharina: I am sure most of you here have heard about the GREAT WAR. Or the "SERPENT WAR" as it is sometimes called. It was about two centuries ago, more or less, when the BARIAN EMPIRE was trying to CONQUER THE WORLD by pushing as far north as they could, SLAUGHTERING or ENSLAVING everything in their way!
Prof. Queahn: That is a tad ... OVERLY DRAMATIC, isn't it, Lady Grauch?
Katharina: I'm sorry?
Prof. Queahn: It is HIGHLY DEBATABLE wether the empire's practices were any more barbaric than those of its enemies ... war is ALWAYS bloody, no matter WHO wages it. Don't you agree?
Katharina: I ... YES. Sorry. Can I go on now?
Prof. Queahn: Please do.
Katharina: ... thanks.
Katharina: So ... a lot of the fighting and bloodshed happened in this very area we are in, the border region between the SERPENT EMPIRE and the byzarian city of SOALEYVIN. A lot of outposts and fortresses were built and torn down here, and I bet there is not one spot in this jungle that has not had blood spilled on it in that war.
Prof. Queahn: <whispering> That sounds like an EXAGGERATION ...
Katharina: Indeed the feared warriors of Soaleyvin managed to hold off the invaders longer than ANY OTHER single force, even if the city DID eventually fall and the empire marched on ...
Prof. Brahms: Well TECHNICALLY, Lady Grauch, Soaleyvin did not really "fall", but rather -
Katharina: Professor Brahms, Professor Queahn, PLEASE. I am trying to give a ROUGH ACCOUNT before getting into the SPECIFICS. Would you gentlemen be so kind as to LET ME FINISH?
Prof. Queahn: Um ... of course, Milady.
Prof. Brahms: <quiet> ... no need to get EMOTIONAL.



Alt-text: "Katharina does seem to have a knack for storytelling."

Oh, look! History! I thought I'd try something to not make the exposition dump too boring by not just showing Kat talking. I kinda like the "sketchy" style of it (and it makes it a bit quicker to draw wich is great, too ;))

Also I realize it's kinda hard to see which of the two professors says what in some of these panels, but it's not really that important at this point. The point is just that they're both annoying Kat :)

And as a last: I redid the cast pages. They should look (mostly) the same, I just converted them into the WordPress 5 block system, wich should hopefully make them a bit easier to manage in the future. Of course nothing will make WordPress a real CMS, but oh well ...

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