Alt-text: "The human in the back: 'I'm helping!'"

If that top panel looks a bit like a poster for intercultural cooperation ... well, I tried to draw what Katharina was narrating, not necessarily how it really happened ;)

Also I drew a title page for no heroes! I thought about putting it on the home page but I think it makes more sense if that just shows the newest update. So you'll see it when you press "first page" to start from the beginning! I plan on also adding title pages for the chapters retroactively ... and once I catch up to the current one I might even add them in real time. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

One thought on “page310

  1. Yay, title page :) – And yay, background history! Tomb of an empress? Yay for that!
    And the prof seems a bit more likeable here…

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