Katharina: Where was I ... right. The Serpent Empire was ultimately defeated, of course. A Major turning point was the BATTLE OF LAKE RASIND at the southern border of the kingdom of Alamond, after which the invaders were slowly driven back into the jungle by a coalition of HUMANS, BYZARIANS, DRAK and TYR'ENN. The point is that this whole land is STEEPED in layers and layers of history. SO MUCH of the specifics of the war are lost to time. We don't even know for sure if the baroc empress DIED in that war or not.
Queahn: ... well the OFFICIAL version in the empire is of course that she survived TO THIS DAY, seeing as she is supposed to be the IMMORTAL DAUGHTER AND MANIFESTATION OF GALCA, THE WORLD SNAKE and all that.
Queahn: Um ... pardon my interruption, Lady Grauch.
Katharina: it's ... alright. You don't seem too convinced of that version yourself ... ?
Quahn: I am a HISTORIAN Lady Grauch. I entertained the possibility that some of it MIGHT NOT BE ENTIRELY TRUE. The "immortal"-part for example. That was enough of a reason to leave home. I'd prefer NOT to elaborate any furhter, please.
Katharina: ... of course.
Queahn: Pleaso go on, Lady Grauch.
Katharina: Right. So some claim the empress survived, others say she fell at the battle of Lake Rasind, or later during the retreat to her homeland ... there are also stories that some of her own generals had BETRAYED her and that THAT was the reason the empire lost the war. Who knows? Maybe we'll even find a hastily constructed tomb with the body of the EMPRESS HERSELF somewhere here!



Alt-text: "The human in the back: 'I'm helping!'"

If that top panel looks a bit like a poster for intercultural cooperation ... well, I tried to draw what Katharina was narrating, not necessarily how it really happened ;)

Also I drew a title page for no heroes! I thought about putting it on the home page but I think it makes more sense if that just shows the newest update. So you'll see it when you press "first page" to start from the beginning! I plan on also adding title pages for the chapters retroactively ... and once I catch up to the current one I might even add them in real time. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

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  1. Yay, title page :) – And yay, background history! Tomb of an empress? Yay for that!
    And the prof seems a bit more likeable here…

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