Aken lives several stores up a tower … the way up consist of a vertical line of bars that form some kind of ladder. You need a somewhat firm grip if it rains or storms …

Updated on 2017-10-17

↓ Transcript
<Shara waits before showing herself in the door>
Shara: ... "clawed man"?
Aken: Hmmmmmmmyes?
Shara: I want to talk to you. Can I come up without getting a crossbow bolt to the chest?
Aken: Oh, I'm alway friendly to guests. Presuming they're also nice to me, hm?
Shara: Don't worry, I promise. Now hold your trigger finger, I'm coming up before my arms get tired ...
Aken: Then come in and make yourself at home, stranger. I must congratulate you on your hearing ...
<Shara finally climbs up and enters the door, somewhat fatigued>
Aken: ... although the rest of you is not so bad, either ...
Shara: Ngh. Please cut it, ok? I'm not in the mood for flirting. You mind if I drop my stuff here for a moment ... ? *phew*
Aken: I don't ... but you said you wanted to talk, stranger. If you want to spend the night here instead ... well, just ask, I might say yes ...
<Shara throws her backpack in the corner>
Shara: I said cut it! It's not like I disturbed you during something important, did I?