<Aken puts his crossbow aside>
Aken: So ... not that I mind having guests, but ... I'd be glad if you introduced yourself and the reason for your visit.
<Shara sits down on his bed and starts undonning her armor>
Shara: Alright. My name is Shara and ... I'll be blunt: I need someone who knows about all the shady business going on in this city. Are you the right ... man for that?
Aken: No need for a provocative pause, Shara.
Shara: Hey, you have claws for hands and tentacles for hair. I don't really know if the rest of you fits my picture of a man, either.
Aken: <serious> I COULD help you clarify things here, but other things first. What do you want from me, exactly?



Alt-text: "Did you just doubt that he has a dong?"

Updated on 2017-10-17: Also cropped it a bit on the left side because the edge of the paper showed ..

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