I know there are a lot of jokes to be made with a criminal group called the “Black Fist”, but … we’re all adults here, right?

… right?

Updated on 2017-10-17: Haha, “fist” ;)

↓ Transcript
<Shara gets more serious, hesitates for a while>
Shara: Hmm ... I was told you know everything that's happening around here?
Aken: Maybe.
Shara: Do you know ... the Black Fist?
Aken: Hm ... Aren't they a criminal group around Goldhaven? I heard of them once or twice ...
Shara: And ... do they have connections down here ... ?
Aken: Here?! No ...
Aken: I'm no expert, but I always thought organized crime was a phenomenon of the huge cities. Here in Blackshire you only have a few small gangs of thugs ... Why do you ask?
Shara: That's ... none of your business.
<Shara seems relieved>
Shara: But ... thank you.