Aken: No problem ... that info was for free. Do you want to know anything else, since you're new here?
Shara: How do you know I'm ... ah forget it, stupid question.
Aken: <smirks> Hmh ...
Aken: You know ... If you're looking for a place to stay this night: Bith thugs and guards tend to leave me alone up here ...
Shara: Yeah, I bet ...
Shara: ... wait, what?
Aken: Just a suggestion, Shara. If you want to go out there again and pay money for a room ...
Shara: Ah, hell, I'm tired enough. But keep your ... claws to yourself, got it?!



Alt-text: "Shara is pretty quick in making her self at home ..."

I just noticed that Aken drops his crossbow the second time in this page ... maybe he... er... noticed something wrong on the crossbow. A stain. Right.

Updated on 2017-10-18

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