Shara is always very quick to assume that someone just wants to bone her. Whyever that may be … she gets rattled when someone seemingly does not try to take advantage of her.

Updated on 2017-10-22

↓ Transcript
Aken: Don't worry.
<Shara pulls out the trinket the circlet she stole from Katharina>
Shara: Hah. hey, T got a lovely trinket here ... You think you can help me find a buyer?
Shara: Should be worth a few hundred bucks ...
Aken: I won't ask where you found it, but there's not a good market for expensive trinkets like that here ...
Shara: I was afraid you'd say that. But if you can manage it ...
Shara: ... you'll get a fair share for your help and some more for ... eh ... letting me sleep here, y'know.
Aken: Keep it for later, Shara.
Aken: I don't need to take money to house a pretty woman.
Shara: Wait. You don't expect me to sleep with you, right? 'Cause even if I was in the mood, I find humans strange enough ...
Shara: ... not to mention your claws and -
Aken: <smiles appeasing> Hey, hey, hey! I said don't worry! I don't want anything from you.
Aken: Unfortunately, I only have one bed, so I'm afraid you'll have to sleep on the floor.
<Shara seems surprised>
Shara: ... Huh.
Aken: You couldn't sound more thrilled. I'm Aken, by the way.