Aken: There are other ways we could relax, since you're my guest.
<He picks up his pipe again>
Aken: I was just going to enjoy some weed before you came by.
Aken: Do you want some, too?
Shara: Hmmh ... alright. Let's see what grows around here ...
Aken: Don't give me that look. I'm not trying to drug you.
Shara: Well, you can never be too careful with people like you ...
Aken: You mean criminals?
Shara: No, I mean clawed people ...
Aken: <looks a bit skeptical> I see ... would it give you some security if I took the first puff?
Shara: I guess ...
<She takes place on his bed and leans over to him, smirking>
Shara: Unless ... it's some kind of strange weed that's poisonous for me but not for you, hm?
Aken: ... I think you seriously overestimate our peoples physiology, Shara.



Alt-text: "Yes, the pipe is still burning. No it didn't start a fire. Shut up."

Of course, what Aken was smoking there is more of a "relax" kind of weed ... not a "hallucinate" one ...

Updated on 2017-10-28

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