Shara: My ... KIND?
"Gideon": You know. ORDINARY PEOPLE. MORTAL MAGGOTS, to be crushed under the feet of the IMMORTAL EMPRESS. That stuff.
Shara: ... and YOU?
"Gideon": What about me?
Shara: What ARE you? And don't tell me you are MY GIDEON. There is ... MORE. I know it. I FEEL it.
"Gideon": You always HAVE been more perceptive than people have given you credit for ... you are both WRONG and RIGHT, my love. I am not your OLD Gideon. But I SAVED him.
"Gideon": You were carrying him with you since he died, you know? People always say that no one really dies as lond as you carry them in your HEART ... and they are RIGHT. You PRESERVED him ... and I gave him NEW LIFE. And by doing that I BECAME him. I AM now Gideon. And I need you to do what you COULDN'T before. What you BLAME yourself for not doing since you left Goldhaven.
"Gideon": SAVE ME
<Shara jolts awake>
Shara: <nrgh>
Shara: <thinking> I ... I'll try, Gideon.
Shara: ... Gideon?
Shara: Wait. What ... did I dream about again?



Alt-text: "And again Shara's dreams prove to be more colourful than real life. If you like 'hangover green', of course ..."

Is that how memories work, Gideon? I'm not sure.

I think I quite like this page. I just hope the floating bubbles are not too hard to read in the right order ... the colours should at least make it clear who says what.

On a note suspiciously unrelated to the current plot: has anyone of you played the Destiny2: Forsaken campaign? Just ... asking.

2 thoughts on “page312

  1. I had no problem wit the bubbles.
    I’m wondering though why Shara is seemingly naked in her dream, although it’s not about to become erotic in the least bit. Well, maybe she hoped more would happen …
    Must however be quite uncomfortable to fall asleep while leaning against a tree. She must have slid or dropped down at some point. Don’t want to see the bruisesI’d get from that happening …

    1. I’m sure there is some deep, symbolic reason for her to be naked ;) And yes she probably has some bruises under that fur now …

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