<Meanwhile, still up in the north. Maq and Na'Ki are sparring>
<They exchange a few blows using fists and a bit of magic. Both are looking for an opening>
<Maq finds one and hits Na'Ki in the stomach with a magically charged punch>
<Na'Ki collapses and holds her stomach. In the back is Ki'I'Mar, watching>
Na'Ki: Hrk ... <gasps>
Ki'i'Mar: Now that was WEAK. I am kinda DISAPPOINTED, Dragoon Na'Ki ...



Alt-text: "If there is one thing a Gena doesn't need, it's chairs."

Let's have a look at our favourite aspiring disney villain and her henchmen for a few pages.

I'm not sure the punch in panel five turned out as well as I hoped, but at least I like how the sky looks in panel one.

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