For panel 4 I tried to find a color that I fits the best for pain magic but also doesn’t look like anything else (yellow would’ve looked like actual lightning, I already use blue a lot for telecinesis and misc stuff etc.).

So what I ended up with was … mint green. I’m not sure it works as well as it should.

↓ Transcript
Ki'i'Mar: It has been YEARS since Maq was a Dragoon. You should be in MUCH better shape than him. But that was a BLATANT MISTAKE you did there. Leaving that GAPING OPENING in your defense. I mean even I could see that, and I' not exactly an expert on this ... GRUNTY PUNCHING STUFF like YOU two ...
<Na'Ki coughs and tries to stand up again>
Na'Ki: I-I'm sorry, Gena, I will -
Ki'i'Mar: It can't be because of your SIZE DISADVANTAGE, can it? They wouldn't even ALLOW you to be a Dragoon if THAT would've been an usse, would they? Much less giving you the honor of being a GENA'S ESCORT ...
Ki'i'Mar: Not if you were too SMALL and WEAK to do it. There must be a reason they put you here ... together with HUNKS like the FIRST DRAGOON BHAR. He must be what, DOUBLE your size? It's pretty ridiculous, right?
Ki'i'Mar: Oh, EXCUSE ME, are you trying to STAND UP again? I really don't think I allowed you to DO that, yet.
<She zaps Na'Ki with painful magic, Na'Ki collapses again>
Na'Ki: ARGH!
Ki'i'Mar: Maybe I should start doing that every time you FAIL. Maybe that would MOTIVATE you a bit more.