Alt-text: "What happened to that 'friendly boss' act, Ki'i'Mar ... ?" 

For panel 4 I tried to find a color that I fits the best for pain magic but also doesn't look like anything else (yellow would've looked like actual lightning, I already use blue a lot for telekinesis and misc stuff etc.).

So what I ended up with was ... mint green. I'm not sure it works as well as it should.

2 thoughts on “page314

  1. Maybe a bright angry red with streaks of violet would do the job? This mint color makes me associate something cooling, it somehow doesn’t fit well for me – although in the end it is not really important, because we can see clearly that pain is inflicted in some magical way ^^

    1. Maybe I’ll try that next time – though I hope for anyone with Ki’i’Mar that the next time is not too soon … but yes in the end it’s not that I’ve really codified any magic schools to colors so … I’ll experiment some more, thanks for the feedback :)

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