Na'Ki: <hrk> ... G-Gena ... I-I'm -
Ki'i'Mar: DISTRACTED. I know. Ever since I told you all about our GOAL, finding the LOST BLADE OF THE EMPRESS and all that. You seem to have thought about the whole thing more than the others. More than you were SUPPOSED to.
Na'Ki: I'm sorry, I didn't -
Ki'i'Mar: Which is a GOOD THING. Help her up, Maq, will you? Your sparring is over.
Na'Ki: I ... <ngh> I don't understand, Gena ...
Maq: <smiles while helping her up> RELAX. You did good. I just got lucky.
Ki'i'Mar: Now TELL me your concerns about the mission, Dragoon Na'Ki.
Na'Ki: Um, I ...
Maq: Go on. It's okay.
Na'Ki: I ... well. You ... you told us the blade holds a portion of the empress' power, Gena. A-and that you should not have been the ONLY ONE feeling its awakening.
Na'Ki: So ... h-how could we even HOPE to find it in time? We have to cross ALL OF THE KNOWN WORLD while the empire has to only STEP OUT OF ITS DOORWAY, so to speak. Or do you - a-and please forgive me if I speak out of line - do you intend for us to go straight INTO THE HEART OF THE EMPIRE to take it back?



Alt-text: "The Gena likes dual wielding whip and carrot."

Nothing much to say ... but if you wanna see a doodle of Halen and Peck kissing I made a few days ago, click here!

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  1. … Tyr’Enn like carrots? That’s a surprise!

    1. Well sometimes I think Na’Ki’s hair looks like a bundle of carrots, so … :)

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