Ki'i'Mar: THAT, my dear Na'Ki, are some EXCELLENT QUESTIONS. I do NOT, in fact, aim to just WANDER into Bacatta and challenge the empress and her army on my own. Though if it DOES come to that we might have to resort to ... IMPROVISATION. Let's just hope it doesn't.
Ki'i'Mar: I am however pretty sure that WON'T be necessary. I have reason to assume that while the empress DOES know it is awake and somewhere outside of her borders - she doesn't know WHERE EXACTLY. And with the DOGS right at her doorstep she can't exactly send out search parties to SCOUR THE JUNGLE ... not without provoking a war she CANNOT WIN YET. She'd have to know where to look, first.
Na'Ki: And ... IF she knew where to look she could just LUNGE OUT and grab the blade before anyone could retaliate.
Ki'i'Mar: You are ABSOLUTELY correct. Lovely.
Na'Ki: And if she DOES get the blade ... ?
Ki'i'Mar: THEN, I am VERY sure, she COULD win that war. At least she'd have much better chances. Suffice to say that MUST NOT HAPPEN.
Na'Ki: And ... um ... forgive me for asking, but ... how can WE find the blade if its CREATOR can not?
Ki'i'Mar: Because ONE: WE can actually have a look around down there WITHOUT starting a war. And TWO:
DO make sure you never forget that my dear. Or I might have to HURT you again.



Alt-text: "You could even say: One does not simply walk into Bacatta."

Well as long as no one else pokes around in the jungle near the Empire, trying to find old things ... but who does that?

I have finished another chapter title page, the one for chapter one. Check it out, you can see Aken's chest!

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