I’m beginning to think this woman has an unhealthy relationship to power.

↓ Transcript
Ki'i'Mar: Also I guess something has been set up to hide it from her eyes specifically. I reckon OUR ancestors did that, even if I with they'd been smart enough to just TAKE THE DAMN THING WITH THEM. Would have saved us all a LOT of trouble ... well, hindsight, I guess.
Ki'i'Mar: But enough if this now. Maq, there is still time for some ... REST, isn't it?
Maq: I guess it is, Gena. Do you want me to stay?
Ki'i'Mar: <chuckles> Oh, we are getting JAUNTY after our win, aren't we?
Ki'i'Mar: No, Maq, this time I think I'd like ... DRAGOON NA'KI to stay a bit longer.
Maq: <frowns> As ... you wish, Gena.
Na'Ki: I-I ... ehrm, I'm sorry, Gena ... w-what exactly do you ... er ... need me for?
Ki'i'Mar: That stutter ... how ADORABLE.
Ki'i'Mar: Don't worry my dear, I'll walk you through it. First: TAKE OFF YOUR CLOTHES.