<The same evening, at the expedition camp. Katharina sits alone at the fire, Shara approaches from behind>
Shara: ... that was a nice speech you did there, Kar. You sure you don't wanna become a storyteller instead?
Katharina: W-WHO - oh it's you. THank you, I guess. Sou you listened in, too?
Shara: A bit, yeah.
Shara: How come you're still sittin' here while the rest went to bed already?
Katharina: I ... am just thinking a bit. Well that and I ... can't really sleep right now.
Shara: Because of the tree with the corspes?
Katharina: ... yes. I just don't look forward to closing my eyes right now.
Shara: Sooner or later you'll HAVE to.
Katharina: I know.
Shara: But if it helps ... I know how you feel. I don't feel like sleeping right now, either.
Katharina: Really?
Katharina: Because I could have SWORN I've heard you SNORING from that tree over there just a few minutes ago.
Shara: HMF. ... I might've DOZED OFF for a short time. But it DEFINITELY wasn't RESTFUL.



Alt-text: "... or everyone at the expedition slept through a whole day, I guess."

A little slip-up here: This scene is supposed to take place on the same evening that the last one at the camp did. But the one inbetween with the Gena and her Dragoons was in broad daylight, so ... either that one was just a short flashback to half a day earlier, or the sun in Yra sets in north. One of those.

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  1. I suppose it’s summer, when the sun sets much later in the north (if it setes at all) than it does close to the equator. So, no problem with this.

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