Katharina: ... bas dreams?
Shara: Well ... YEAH. I dreamt about Gideon again. Y'know.
Katharina: Uh. I ... don't actually. Who's Gideon?
Shara: "Who" ... ? CRAP! I've never mentioned him before, have I?
Katharina: Not that I remember, no.
Shara: Just ... FORGET I said anything, alright?!
Katharina: Um ... okay.
Shara: It's none of your damn business, anyways!
Katharina: I SAID "okay", Shara! Look, I ... I RESPECT if you don't want to talk about something, but you don't have to get angry at me just because it came up BY CHANCE!
Shara: I'm NOT ... ugh. FUCK. I'm ... sorry, alright? Gideon is a .... a SORE SUBJECT. Even more than the others, I guess. He was ... a GOOD FRIEND. And he died. He's ... dead.
Katharina: ... I see. I'm sorry, Shara.
Katharina: If you ever DO want to talk about it ...
Shara: NOTED, Kat. But not now.
Katharina: Okay.
Shara: Thanks.



Alt-text: "Careful, Shara. Katharina might start to think you like her or something."

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