Shara: You know what? Let's change the subject. Tell me about that BOOK guy.
Katharina: Um ... what about him?
Shara: I saw him talking to you. Several times ... is he CREEPING YOU OUT? Or trying to get information out of you?
Katharina: What? No ... I mean YES, but not in THAT sense.
Shara: Uh-huh?
Katharina: He asked me a lot about HISTORY and LEGENDS. He's actually been pretty nice so far. Maybe a little AWKWARD ...
Shara: Right ...
Katharina: REALLY! I don't think he actually LIKES working for that Lady Violet ...
Shara: Kat ...
Katharina: I KNOW what you want to say, Shara. And I'm being careful, I PROMISE! I actually thought I could ... you know. Get a bit of information out of HIM. Just by ... being NICE and not treating him like an ENEMY. Maybe he'll ... OPEN UP a bit more. About his BOSS for example.
Shara: So you wanna SEDUCE him to get him to spill his beans? DAMN girl, I didn't think you had that in you!
Katharina: I-I didn't say SEDUCE, I said BEING NICE! There's a WORLD of difference between that!
Shara: SURE THING, princess.
Katharina: Maybe not in YOUR filthy mind, but EVERYWHERE ELSE in the world!



Alt-text: "Cheeks don't lie, Kat."

Ain't they cute together? I think they are.

Coincidentially, I just drew a pic of bith of them dressing up as each other (and making fun of each other). It was a followup to a similar pic of Halen and Katharina doing the same thing (without the making fun ;) ).

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  1. Totally cute :D

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