Katharina: <smiling> You're UNBELIEVABLE.
Shara: Aw, C'MON, you know I con't mean it.
Katharina: I know. Which means you must be getting SOFT, hm?
Shara: I'm just too TIRED to be agressice, don't get used to it.
Shara: ... can I ask you something, Kat? Something ... PERSONAL?
Katharina: you mean more personal than if and who I want to SEDUCE?
Shara: Kinda, yeah. Is it true that you ... ran away from home? From your father?
Katharina: I ... um.
Shara: ... if you don't wanna answer that it's fine. I mean I just deflected YOUR personal question ...
Katharina: No it's ... it's fine. And yes it's true, Shara. I didn't want the life he had planned for me so I ... LEFT. Without his ... blessing. Or his ... um ... KNOWDLEDGE at that point.
Shara: Huh. You know what, maybe we have mor ein common than I thought.
Katharina: Why? Did you ... do something similar?
Shara: More or less, yeah. Tell me ... did you burn all of your dads pants before you left?
Katharina: Er ... no? Why should I have done that?
Shara: Well isn't it common to BURN BREECHES when you run away?
Katharina: ... that ... that was AWFUL, Shara!
Shara: <sighs> I know, gimme a break, I'm TIRED.



Alt-text: "Alternative version: Kat just stares at her until she silently gets up and goes to bed."

As a writer, it can sometimes be quite difficult to always remember that your characters don't have the same kind of humour as you. For example, just because I love bad puns that doesn't mean that they do, too. As you can see ... I failed here. And I'm sorry.

(No I'm not.)

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  1. Duh!

    I trust it you do follow Jean’s Saturday morning cartoons even if the comic itself is not down your road ^^

    1. Yeah, they’re kinda the best thing about it for me ;)

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