Alt-text: "From anyone else other than Halen, panel 2 might have sounded ... threatening."

Let's take a look at Sparkly and Grumpy once again, and get some insight into the day-to-day work of how those two are running the city! I'm sure that sounds way more interesting than a jungle with ancient ruins and murderous bandits, right?  

By the way: Chapter 2, a.k.a. "Survival of the fittest" a.k.a. "The one where Shara loses her leg and the reason she and Kat are so afraid of the jungle now" has a title page! I like how it turned out.

One thought on “page322

  1. Although I am nearly sure that Halen /could/ be threatening if necessity arose … but it’s probably be better if he never has to resort to that.
    Sparkly and Grumpy, heh.

    Happy Easter!

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