Halen: I know I said I wouldn't PRY but ... what IS it with you and Lady Vilolet? Why do you hate her SO MUCH? And why do we WORK with her if we cannot trust her?
Halen: I ... I just want to UNDERSTAND, Gregor. I am not just your Seneshal but also your FRIEND. Please help me understand. I just want to SUPPORT you.
Master Peck: Halen ... I love you. But you have to TRUST me. Right now we cannot trust ANYONE from the council. Not while Lady Violet has them in her pocket.
Master Peck: <lays a hand on his desk> But we also have to play along with her in this whole thing. For now.
Halen: But ... WHY?
Master Peck: Because we have NO CHOICE.
Halen: <thinking> ... why did he touch his desk when he said that?
Halen: But ... what is that supposed to MEAN?
Master Peck: Enough of this now, Halen. We BOTH have enough work to do.
Halen: <thinking> Is he HIDING something in ther?
Halen: Does she have something against you in her hands? Is she BLACKMAILING you?!
Master Peck: I said ENOUGH! I am DONE talking about this! Now GET OUT OF MY OFFICE, Halen! NOW!!



Alt-text: "Yes, he has a ring like that on both fingers, I definitely didn't confuse the hands."

Poor Halen just can't let it rest. Should he?

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