<Back at the expedition, Katharina and Book are talking. It's raining.>
Katharina: Are you SURE you don't want your hat back?
Jester Book: No, it's fine.
Katharina: Alright. So ... you're not from here, either?
Jester Book: Not really, no. I was born in a little town called "Arensdinkel". I'd be VERY surprised if you heard of it.
Katharina: I ... can't say I have, no.
Jester Book: It's just a few days away from Goldhaven, but not on any trade routes so there is virtually no excuse to be there if it isn't your birthplace.
Katharina: I see. So you left because it was too ... BORING for you there?
Jester Book: Mmh ... PARTIALLY, yes.
Katharina: And the other parts?
Jester Book: Let's say ... FAMILIY PROBLEMS.
Katharina: Oh.
Jester Book: I know, I know ... EVERYONE has those. I'm sure most people wouldn't -
Katharina: No I can ... RELATE, actually.
Jester Book: You can?
Katharina: Does that mean that you are ... living alone in Serpent's End?
Jester Book: Um. Yes, I guess it does. But I'm always interested in making new friends. Especially if they're as CHARMING and INTELLIGENT and EDUCATED as you, Miss Grauch.
Katharina: <gasps> MISTER BOOK! You don't just say all those things because I am the boss around here, do you? I can assure you, flattery will get you NOWHERE with me!
Jester Book: Nowhere?
Katharina: Well ... maybe "nowhere" is a bit HARSH ...
Jester Book: Call me INTRIGUED.
Katharina: And I thought your name was "Jester"?
Jester Book: I see your humor has managed to stay DRY, despite the weather.
<Katharina giggles>



Alt-text: "Let's put the 'rain' back in 'rainforest', shall we?"

Is this the origin story how the famous archeologist Katharina Arkadia Grauch got her beloved hat that she never leaves behind? Or will she just give it back once the rain stops? (Also where will she get the whip from?)

We'll see!

One thought on “page325

  1. What a gentleman! These two are really cute together …
    Wondering what Shara is doing. I guess she’s not so fond of rain, with all the fur and such. Wet dog. Just sayin’.

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