<Shara helps Katharina up>
Shara: Are you hurt?
Katharina: N-no. No I'm fine. Thank the gods you came!
Shara: Don't thank me yet - this is not over.
Katharina: What do you mean? I don't SEE any forsaken?
Shara: We didn't see the last ones coming either, did we? There WILL be more - and your guys are ALREADY having trouble! YOU UNDER THE BIRD, HOLD STILL!
<she aims with her bow>
Guard Bac'Bessh: <while trying to fend off an akarpa on top of him> IF I HOLD STILL IT'S GONNA EAT ME!!
<Shara's arrow hits the bird in the throat>
Guard Bac'Bessh: EMPRESS!
Shara: Damn. I'm GOOD.
Pesh: You sound surprised.
Shara: I'm not.



Alt-text: "Maybe a little bit."

If you roll high enough the penalties for shooting into melee don't matter anymore.

2 thoughts on “page330

  1. We had a druid in our group who had a sling that went by the name of “Cause fear … (among friends)”.
    That was a mean friendly-target-hitter … next who was hit was usually its wielder.

    Good that Shara is a good shot.

    1. Slingshots are difficult – ask any astronaut!

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