Some Guard: Only two left!
Another Guard: They're fleeing! WE DID IT!
Yet another Guard: Yeah, take that you monsters!
<Pesh and Shara look at each other>
Pesh: ... this doesn't make SENSE, Shara. What are they waiting for?
Shara: Yeah ... something's not right.
Katharina: What are you talking about? Isn't this ... GOOD? They're fleeing, that's good right?
Shara: While we were wrestlin' with those birds was the PERFECT time to strike, Kat. NOW we have time to breathe and regroup. They're waiting TOO LONG.
Katharina: Maybe they ... decided we're not worth it? They cancelled the attack?
Pesh: Unlikely. They had plenty of time to gauge our strength beforehand.
Book: Um ... maybe they were just wild animals after all?
Pesh: Five at once? No - those were TRAINED. I'm gonna go look for traces of those forsaken.
Shara: Alone? Are you STUPID? I'm coming with you.
Katharina: What? But Shara -
Shara: STAY HERE, Kat! Keep those guards on attention, look to all sides and DON'T GO ANYWHERE! NO ONE leaves the group right now!
Katharina: But YOU'RE leaving the group!
Shara: We're ALLOWED.
Katharina: WHY?
Shara: Because I FUCKING SAY SO!



Alt-text: "And Shara doesn't even have another shoe that could drop."

I hope you all had a nice sommer solstice.

3 thoughts on “page331

  1. The sky looked marvellous that night around here … as ifit was full of ripples and crinkles, and the northern sun was reflecting against those high clouds … absolutely amazing.

    So … I guess it’s time that Kat learns to hold together a group of people who are just as afraid as she is – at least, some of them. Hopefully not the guards.

    1. And I’m wondering if Shara and Aragorn (yes I know that’s not the guy’s name, but I can’t remember that ^^) are ow running right into the trap …

      1. Pesh isn’t as high in the succession line as Aragorn was, but I can see some similarities ;)

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