Pesh: I'm surprised you won't stay behind to protect your friend.
Shara: They'll be fine ... as long as they remember to FUCKING LOOK BEHIND THEM.
Pesh: Still, there was no reason for you to come with me.
Shara: You mean apart from us being SCREWED if your tracker DIES ALONE IN THE JUNGLE?
Pesh: I've been alone in the jungle before, Shara. That's my JOB.
Shara: Not with a horde of forsaken just waiting to AMBUSH you!
<they find a bunch of dead forsaken, all cut up and bled out>
Pesh: ... something tells me those won't be a problem anymore.
Shara: WOW. I guess nobody told these birds their backup wouldn't be coming.
Pesh: Those are weapon wounds. This wasn't done by beasts.
Shara: OTHER forsaken? Do they fight among themselves?
Pesh: Sometimes. Doesn't seem likely here, though.
Shara: Then who the fuck WAS this?
Pesh: I cant say. They had at least two drak, though. Probably more.
Shara: So there's someone ELSE running aroung here who likes killing people? And who decided to spare US for some reason?
Pesh: Seems like it.
Shara: GREAT. And ... WHY?
Pesh: I don't KNOW, Shara. They didn't leave a NOTE.
Shara: What? That's all you got?
Pesh: They were CLEVER. They erased their tracks and let the rain do the rest.
Shara: Didn't I hear you boast how you could track EVERYTHING, no matter the weather?
Pesh: I didn't boast about anything, Shara.
Shara: Sure thing, tiara boy.
Pesh: I do NOT own a tiara!
Shara: <snrk>
Pesh: <sighs> ... let's look aroung some more before we head back.



Alt-text: "Oh good, everything is all right, then! Just don't mind the corspes."

In case you forgot, Shara has teased him with the tiara thing before. I guess it somehow hurts his image of manlyness.

The next week we'll take a quick peek elsewhere ... mainly somewhere without rain. Because it's getting really tedious to draw it (somehow that always happens a few pages into a rainy scene ... strange), especially at odd angles. Still, I kinda like panel one, even if some of the raindrops fall a bit ... wobbly.

One thought on “page332

  1. Love the changes of perspective here. Well done! Keeps the scene dynamic even though our non-heroes are not moving.
    And – SHara is talking too much, isn’t she? You’d expect with possibly enemies close by she’d not run her mouth like that … but we’ll, that’s our Shara I guess ^^
    Also, I strongly suspect she’s got the hots for our white-furred not-Aragorn … and that she’s very much annoyed by that fact.

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