Before we conclude the animal attack scene next week we’ll take a quick peek to Dragoon Na’Ki and her superior.

The last time we saw them Ki’i’Mar has given her some slightly problematic orders. After teleporting her own pants away. She does like teleporting clothes, it seems.

↓ Transcript
<Meanwhile in the north, after an interesting night ... Na'Ki is standing in front of Ki'i'Mar's tent, missing her top>
Na'Ki: <thinking> ... what. What ... what did just happen in there? Did the Gena really just ... with ME ... ?
Na'Ki: <thinking> No ... NO. No that ... must have been a DREAM. I passed out and had a FEVER DREAM. Maybe I still have it! Someone like the Gena would NEVER ... not with someone like ME!
Na'Ki: <thinking> She is far too IMPORTANT and POWERFUL and RADIANT and -
<her shirt materializes on top of her head>
Ki'i'Mar: <peeks out of the tent> ... you forgot something there, my dear.
Na'Ki: Y-yes Gena, I'm sorry Gena!
Na'Ki: <thinking> ... the others must never, NEVER know about this. I better meditate before joining back into the telepathic link. ... a LOT.
Na'Ki: <thinking>