Alt-text: "Someone is trying to become the newest least likeable character."

I don't think anyone will remember but I have introduced Katharina as a "fourth grade magician" waaay back. Does that mean she worked herself up in the meantime? No, not really ... the grades are actually just that ... a kind of test done by the Guild proving that you can handle magic an a certain level for all schools of magic. Katharina has yet to do this test for grade five - she didn't have the time and grade four is actually already pretty good for her age. But she is especially skilled in energetics, the magic school associated with healing wounds, among other things. So practically she can do it at grade five level, just not "officially".

Next week we'll jump a few weeks and start a new scene somewhere else ... it'll have an explosion!  

Unrelated: I did a sketch of Halen and Gregor doing the tango. Check it out!

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