Narration: A few days later, somewhere in the King's Forest ...
<a small fox looks up to notice the air sparkling and crackling above him>
<the crackling intensifies and a rift forms>
<a huge explosion blows the fox and everything around him apart, revealing Ki'i'Mar and her Dragoons arriving in a magic circle that's burned into the ground>
Narration: ... a group of travellers arrives. Their method of transportation allows them to bridge large distances each time with a few hours of recuperation in between. It is also not exactly the most SUBTLE thing in the world.



Alt-text: "To be honest, the human kingdom probably has about a dozent places called 'The King's Forest'."

Every time you do some kind of complex magic there is some portion of the energy that will get released in other ways ... as light, as heat, as a shockwave. Teleportation of one person over a short distance is already a fairly complicated and energy-intensive thing. Teleporting eight people across many kilometers, like seen here, requires an amount of energy and control that only a Gena backed up by several very experienced and powerful mages could muster.

Making sure that the process is free of any harmful side-effects for their surroundings would be even harder ... but it would certainly be possible to do.

Of course you would have to care enough for that to make the extra effort. Which Ki'i'Mar obviously doesn't.

2 thoughts on “page335

  1. das arme Füchschen! :(

    1. My first thought as well … how cruel!
      Nice way to remind us very efficiently of where exactly the Gena stands.

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