Ki'i'Mar: DRAGOON THELLE: that was INSUFFICIENT! Don't tell me you're already exhausted!
Thelle: I didn't -
Ki'i'Mar: SHUT UP. I had to compensate for that all by myself. Look at the blast we arrived with! I nearly set my COAT ON FIRE! <quiter> You're lucky the climate here is getting to warm for fur coats, anyways ...
Thelle: I ... AM SORRY Gena. It won't happen again.
Ki'i'Mar: I'm SURE it won't. You know ... maybe we should have another ... TALK about this.
Mannec: Gena, Please forgive me, but isn't that un-
Ki'i'Mar: Ah, DRAGOON MANNEC. I Knew you'd jump to defend your dear sister. It'd ALMOST be heartwarming ... if it weren't so damn DISRESPECTFUL towards me!
Mannec: ... I apologize, Gena.
Ki'i'Mar: You know what? Maybe I'll have a talk yoth you BOTH.
<Gherroc and Captain Bhar exchange disapproving looks>
Ki'i'Mar: Na'Ki, Maq, you are setting up MY tent. Make sure everything's ready when I'm done.
Na'Ki and Maq: ... yes Gena.
Ki'i'Mar: ... also someone put those fires out. It'd be a shame about those nice trees.



Alt-text: "Curious how everybody is sweating but the one who is complaining ..."

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