<Na'Ki and Maq are setting up Ki'i'Mar's tent>
Na'Ki: Maq ... can I ask you something?
Maq: Of course you can, sister.
Na'Ki: Why ... did you pledge yourself to the Gena like that? Why did you leave the Dragoons for her?
Maq: ... you have MET her, haven't you? Isn't she the most impressice personality you have ever encountered?
Na'Ki: IMPRESSIVe ... is a word for it, yes.
Maq: She has so much CONFIDENCE, so much POWER ... it just feels foolish to be on any other side than hers. Don't you agree?
Maq: I just followed it to its logical conclusion. I help her in any way I can ... and thus ALL OF US. She IS our Gena, after all.
Na'Ki: But don't you think she is a little ... ECCENTRIC?
Maq: You mean NARCISSISTIC? Of course she is. I KNOW she's not perfect. Nobody is. But beneath that she is TRULY A GREAT PERSON who wants to use her powers for the best of all of us. I know THAT; too.
Na'Ki: ... do you really believe that?
Maq: Yes I do. With all of my heart.
Na'Ki: SO ... I guess that means you are NOT angry at me because she ordered me into her tent instead of you ... ?
Maq: She is the Gena and can do whatever she wants. But it did ... STING a litte, yes.
Na'Ki: It did?
Maq: Yes. She does like to ... TEASE, as you might have noticed.
Na'Ki: I ... did notice that, yes.



Alt-text: "Of course the Gena chose a tent that is deliberately difficult to set up."

In case you forgot, Na'Ki is referring to this incident in the last panel. Maq did look a little bit jealous in that one, didn't he?

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