Maq: I'm sorry if I was rude towards you. I'm glad the Gena does like you. You are ... NICER than your brethren.
Na'Ki: I am?
Maq: Sure. You TALK to me for example. And you don't look at me like I spat on your mother's grave.
Na'Ki: <thinking> Is he suspecting something? Did he warn the Gena already?
Na'Ki: They are just ... focussed on their duty. They'll come around to trust you, I'm sure.
Maq: That would be nice, but it seems unlikely. But I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.
Maq: <smiles> Maybe you and your brothers and sisters could to the same for me and the Gena?
Na'Ki: <thinking> Ok so they clearly KNOW we don't trust them. Or ... that we were ORDERED not to trust them. But beyond that ... it doesn't really seem that Maq is hiding anything more from me ...
Na'Ki: <thinking> He REALLY believes what he is saying about her, isn't he? Maybe ... he's right and the IS a decent person underneath that eccentricity? It did feel really good when she chose me to -
Na'Ki: <thinking> WAIT. She just ORDERED me into her tent. And before that she HURT me. To ... to MOTIVATE me? It did WORK, right? Maybe THAT'S what she's doing with the others, too. She can't REALLY be doing to them what they say she does ... does she?
Na'Ki: <thinking> What ... what was I thinking about, again? The GENA, right. She is ... gorgeous.
Maq: Can you give me a hand here?
Na'Ki: Oh, er, sure!



Alt-text: "Despite what Maq said in panel one, most of the Dragoons' mothers are actually still alive."

Do you know that feeling when you can't think of an actor's name, but you know you know it, you have a clear picture of his face in your mind, what movies he did, how he talks like ... but the name is just at the tip of your tongue but won't do the last little jump? And if you just think a liiitle bit more and a liitle bit harder it'll surely come to you - but it just doesn't?

That's how Na'Ki here is fairing when she is trying to think of why Ki'i'Mar, the Gena, might be a bad person and not someone to be loyal to. That's what I was trying to convey here, and I hope it worked.  

Oh and also it should be easy enough to guess who is responsible for her having these problems, I hope ...  

Next week we'll take a look back into the jungle, to our main protagonists, stay tuned!

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  1. Beware of the Mindbenders …
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