Reminder: The last time we saw those two they were trying to find out who slaughtered the group of bandits before they could attack the expedition. It seems they were still not successful.


Also, I pulled out panel 2 and posted it without text on my DeviantArt account because I think it turned out pretty cute :)

↓ Transcript
<In the jungle, after some thankfully uneventful days ... >
Shara: Still no signs of the ones who fucked those forsaken up?
Pesh: No. If they are still following us they're careful to keep their distance.
Shara: I don't like this. I bet they are waiting until we find ... whatever the fuck we're about to find here.
Pesh: Possible. Be sure to keep reminding these Guild folks to be on their guard.
Shara: I sure will. Right now they're all busy loading the stuff from the carts onto the pack animals. Will take at least half an hour more.
Pesh: And you'Re not helping them?
Shara: The leg is a great excuse to get out of things ...
Pesh: You didn't seem to shy away from physical work before, Shara.
Shara: Yeah ... we'll maybe I just don't want to hang around these guild dweebs all the time ...
Pesh: <grins> Heh. You were waiting for ME, weren't you?
Pesh: Are you sure it's not because you wanted to do something ELSE while we're waiting?
Shara: PLEASE.
Pesh: I love it when you say that.
Shara: ... you think you are pretty GREAT, don't you?
Pesh: I think I do have my moments, yes.
Shara: What a surprise.
Pesh: But I also think a lot of YOU. Even if you don't believe it.
Shara: Oh I believe it. You spend at least half of your time OGLING MY ASS.
Pesh: ... not what I meant.