You are both idiots

Just get to boinking, already



I also did a little pic of that Athynessa that they’re talking about┬áhere. She does look a little more … dignified than Shara normally does, I guess.

↓ Transcript
Pesh: Actually you remind me of ATHYNESSA THE HUNTRESS ...
Shara: Why? Because of my "flowing golden hair" or because I FUCK SPIRITS AND DEMIGODS?
Pesh: No, because you are STRONG, CONFIDENT and DETERMINED despite having lost a limb.
Pesh: ... but your hair is pretty nice, too , I guess.
Shara: PLEASE tell me you don't see yourself as EYFHEN, LORD OF THE FOREST in this.
Pesh: Why not? I hear he is often shown with a nice TIARA.
Shara: <smiles> ... you are an idiot.
Pesh: Sometimes. I'm surprised you know that story so well.
Shara: What, you think only rich kids get stories told to them? I had a grandma who LOVED to talk our ears off.
Pesh: But I DO think you are as beautiful as the FAIR HUNTRESS ...
Shara: REALLY. You wouldn't just say that to get into my pants, would you?
Pesh: And what if I did? It's pretty obvious that you had your eyes on ME for a while now, too.
Shara: You know what? Sure. You look ... NICE. Compared to the rest of the guys here.
Pesh: So we both find each other attractive.
Shara: ... I guess.
Pesh: But you STILL don't like me because you think I'm a SPOILED RICH BRAT.
Shara: Well ... Maybe I could ignore that for like ... HALF AN HOUR.