<meanwhile, not far away, Katharina orders people around while they're unloading the carts>
Katharina: Make sure you don't forget anything in those carts! And put tarps over them! We don't know how long it will take until we're back!
Someone: Yes ma'am!
Katharina: Oh, hey - it's CHRIS, right? Can you do me a favor and try to find Shara? She wanted to wait for Pesh and tell me what he found.
Chris: Of course, Miss Grauch. I'll go look for her.
<Chris approaches the spot where Shara and Pesh are>
Chris: Miss Shara, are you here? Miss Grauch sent me to look for y - um.
<Shara and Pesh are caught copulating>
Shara: What the fuck do you want?! FUCK OFF!!
Pesh: She GOT THE MESSAGE, human. Now please, we're king of IN THE MIDDLE OF SOMETHING ...
<Back with Katharina>
Katharina: There you are! Did you find Shara? Is she coming?
Chris: <smirking> ... yes. Soon, I hope.



Alt-text: "These rockbeasts look a bit like they're related to dodogama."

I'm not sure what happened with the human faces in this one. They're all a little bit ... off.  

The byzarian faces of angry arousal are totally fine, though.

One thought on “page341

    Well … called it.
    *wanders of and cuts a “Shara loves Pesh (the hard way)” heart into every tree of the jungle*

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