<Just a little bit later ... >
Katharina: SO ... you and Pesh are really starting to WORK TOGETHER, hm ... ?
Shara: Oh cut it out, Kat! We both just wanted to unwind a little bit, that's it!
Katharina: ... sure.
Shara: What, am I not allowed?
Katharina: Hey I didn't say anything against it! Just don't get ... too distracted please, okay?
Shara: Relax, Kat. We're focussed, everything's FINE. And we DID talk about what he found: those guys who killed the forsaken are probably still out there and might be following us around, even after we leave the road. So your guards need to keep looking out for that.
Katharina: I'll ... make sure to tell them.
Shara: Good.
Katharina: So you talked about that AFTER or BEFORE you two ... er ... you know ... ?
Shara: C'mon, we know our priorities. FIRST we debriefed, THEN we fucked.
Katharina: Now that I think about it, I don't actually NEED to know that ...
Shara: You know ... you were right about his abs, Kat. They are PRETTY FUCKING AMAZING.
Katharina: That's ... NICE.
Shara: And the rest of his muscles ... like HOLY FUCK! You should've SEEN HIM NAKED!
Katharina: Okay can we PLEASE talk about something else now?!
Shara: Just sayin' ... your wiry little Book guy doesn't hold a candle against that.
Katharina: I am not doing anything like that with Book!
Shara: I NOTICED. Your seducin' needs some work?
Katharina: I HATE you, Shara.



Alt-text: "Of course now Kat will be _thinking_ about doing something like that with Book."

2 thoughts on “page342

  1. Don’t judge a Book by its cover, Shara … who knows what lies hidden below the clothing ^^
    Maybe Kat will find out. But she probably won’t share too much about it, or else the embarrasment would kill her!

    1. Maybe if Shara gets her drunk enough she’ll share something …;)

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