<The dragoons are amongst themselves, conversing through the telepathic link>
Bhar: That is not you decision, sister!
Thelle: No it's YOURS, Sir! And it can't wait any longer! The longer we wait, the more she PICKS US APART! Once she has that artifact we will be in NO MORE shape to containt her!
Bhar: We need to wait for the RIGHT OPPORTUNITY to do that.
Mannec: ... I agree with Thelle, Sir. Soon we will be too deep into human lands. A fight with the Gena will attract too much attention there. If we are going to do BEFORE we find the artifact, we should do it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
Bhar: I am aware of the situation, brother. But we MUST NOT make a mistake. That's what she is trying to drive us to with her behaviour.
Thelle: And how long are we supposed to DO NOTHING and let her play her DISGUSTING GAMES with us? Until she orders us to CUT OUT OUR OWN TONGUES for her amusement?!
Bhar: You need to CALM DOWN, Thelle. Your fury is dripping into the link.
Gherroc: Yeah, what exactly did she do with you and Mannec this time, Thelle?
Thelle: That ... does not concern ANY of you! She is SADISTIC and PERVERTED and CORRUPTED! And if you make ONE MORE COMMENT I SWEAR I will -
Bhar: That is ENOUGH! You are doing exactly what she wants! You need to stay DISCIPLINED!
Thelle: ... I ... understand, Sir. But what I'm saying is not just motivated by anger, but by NECESSITY. If that artifact is as powerful as she makes it out to be, we must not allow her to get near it. We have to get rid of her while we still CAN.
Bhar: I fear you might be right. Even though I wish it was different ... she does not leave us any choice.



Alt-text: "Anger seems to manifest itself as a strong static clouding the communication."

The last we saw of Thelle and her twin brother Mannec was when the great Gena took them away to punish them for ... something? I'm not sure the reason was that important, actually. But it did leave some marks, it seems.

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