Na'Ki': Please wait a moment, Sir - we can't do that!
Thelle: Look who it is. Her NEW FAVOURITE PLAYTHING. I'm surprised you're not in her BED right now, together with that scum Maq!
Thelle: ... FINE!
<she storms off>
Na'Ki: Sir, I am not sure we should do this. We are talking about TREASON!
Bhar: No, sister, what the Gena intends to do is treason. What we are going to do is STOPPING IT.
Na'Ki: Be she hasn't done it yet! How can we be even sure she will ever do it?
Bhar: We can not be SURE, but we can act if the risk gets TOO HIGH. And that is the case now. We knew from the start that this could happen.
Bhar: Remember what the HEAD OF SPIES told us. It is our duty to protect the Tyr'Enn people from every possible threat. Even if it means commiting the sacrilege of KILLING A GENA.
Bhar: I worry you will not be up to this, Na'Ki. We can not afford a single bit of hesitation when the moment comes.
Bhar: All your brothers and sisters are depending on you. YOU ARE A DRAGOON.
Bhar: Now tell me: Are you ready to do your dury and KILL KI'I'MAR?
Na'Ki: I ...
Na'Ki: ... yes, Sir. Yes I am.



Alt-text: "No, the others can not see panel five ..."

The thing with the Head of Spies refers back to page 239, where that exact guy (the one with the blindfold) and councillor Ahry held a secret briefing for the dragoons. That was when they basically got the mission they're now arguing about: kill the Gena if she goes rogue. Which it seems like they (almost) all agree she is going to do now.

To be fair ... she doesn't do a lot to dispell that notion right now.

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