The thing with the Head of Spies refers back to page 239, where that exact guy (the one with the blindfold) and councillor Ahry held a secret briefing for the dragoons. That was when they basically got the mission they’re now arguing about: kill the Gena if she goes rogue. Which it seems like they (almost) all agree she is going to do now.

To be fair … she doesn’t do a lot to dispell that notion right now.

↓ Transcript
Na'Ki': Please wait a moment, Sir - we can't do that!
Thelle: Look who it is. Her NEW FAVOURITE PLAYTHING. I'm surprised you're not in her BED right now, together with that scum Maq!
Thelle: ... FINE!
<she storms off>
Na'Ki: Sir, I am not sure we should do this. We are talking about TREASON!
Bhar: No, sister, what the Gena intends to do is treason. What we are going to do is STOPPING IT.
Na'Ki: Be she hasn't done it yet! How can we be even sure she will ever do it?
Bhar: We can not be SURE, but we can act if the risk gets TOO HIGH. And that is the case now. We knew from the start that this could happen.
Bhar: Remember what the HEAD OF SPIES told us. It is our duty to protect the Tyr'Enn people from every possible threat. Even if it means commiting the sacrilege of KILLING A GENA.
Bhar: I worry you will not be up to this, Na'Ki. We can not afford a single bit of hesitation when the moment comes.
Bhar: All your brothers and sisters are depending on you. YOU ARE A DRAGOON.
Bhar: Now tell me: Are you ready to do your dury and KILL KI'I'MAR?
Na'Ki: I ...
Na'Ki: ... yes, Sir. Yes I am.