<Back in the jungle, the expedition doing the last part on foot>
Shara: Shouldn't we be there soon?
Katharina: We will. From what Pesh said it can't be far anymore.
Shara: Thank FUCK. This jungle makes me nervous ... at least for the first part we were on a real road, but this? This is like the thing with Kshar all over again.
Katharina: ... I know what you mean.
Shara: I guess Pesh is gonna wait for us there?
Katharina; Yeah he went ahead again. It can't be more than half an hour now.
Shara: So ... how are you feelin' Kat? Excited?
Katharina: Oh yes! SO MUCH! If I'm correct these ruins have to be at least TWO CENTURIES old! I can't wait to see them with my own eyes ... touch them with my hands!
Shara: Hey, slow down there princes ... we're not there yet. And remember: it won't look good if you start humping some dusty old stones in front of everybody.
Katharina: Don't be solly. I will be VERY professional. I will carefully EXAMINE everything, CATALOGUE it and identify the most promising pieces. Then I'll wait until nightfall when everyone is asleep ... and THEN I'll start humping the stones.
Shara: Heh. I know at least one person who'd get jealous.
Katharina: I do not have the slightest clue who you're talking about.
Shara: REALLY. 'Cause he's right over there.
<She points to Book who is indeed right there>
Katharina: <facepalms> ... how long have ypu been there, Mister Book?
Book: Er ... not for very long Miss Grauch. And I have most certainly NOT heard you talk about stones - or ANYTHING up until now!
Katharina: ... thank you.
Shara: Wow, right answer Bookworm. You already trained him pretty well, Kat. Does he do tricks, too?



Alt-text: "Book is one of those guys that you never notice until they start talking."

Back into the jungle! It's about time that they reach their destination, don't you think ... ?

Kat says it's not far anymore and I personally believe her.

2 thoughts on “page351

  1. *giggle*
    Well played… it seems like Kat finally starts forgetting a bit about all her fears. Which might be just the right time to make them get real … aw, I hope it doesn’t happen that fast. Shara doesn’t need another dead lover. Also, I like Peshagon.

    1. *throws an ‘r’ into Peshagorn’

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