Book: I hope I'm not interrupting anything ...
Shara: Kat was just talking about the things she wants to -
Katharina: SHARA!
Book: Um.
Katharina: What ... er ... what can I do for you Mister Book?
Book: Well, I wanted to ask you something about these ruins we are headed towards. If you don't mind.
Katharina: Yes, PLEASE do!
Book: What kind of place is this, exactly? You talked about BAROC and TYR'ENN but ... are we talking about a city? A temple? A fort?
Katharina: I don't know yet! That's the fun of it. Pesh did already take a look though ... he said it's mostly foundation walls and lots of masonry lying around ...
Shara: Yeah, one large building and three small ones is what he said. You think it could be some kind of temple? Or ... tomb?
Book: A tomb? Like ... the "Tomb of the Serpent Empress" that you talked about? That sounds kind of scary ...
Katharina: Relax, it might as well be something else completely. Pesh just took a look at it from the outside and I'm sure he was paying more attention to signs of predators or forsaken. It could just as well be an old trading post. Or a fortification from the war, like you said. And even if it WAS a tomb ... I promise you those are much less dangerous than what you might have heard in stories.
Book: I've just heard things about explorers who got CURSED after opening some ancient graves ... and if it's someone as powerful as this empress ...
Katharina: It will be fine, Mr. Book. It's just some old buildings. No one will get cursed. I promise.
Book: I ... sure you're right. I am sorry, I didn't mean to question your competence. I will just let you do your job.
Katharina: Don't worry about it.
<Book leaves>
Shara: <whispering> Pesh DID tell you about his feeling that there's magic over the whole site, didn't he?
Katharina: <whispering> He did.
Shara: <whispering> And when are you going to tell that to the others?
Katharina: <whispering> Once I'm reasonably sure that no one is ACTUALLY going to get cursed ... ?



Alt-text: "You should have brought an experienced Tomb Raider!"

2 thoughts on “page352

  1. Calling Lara Jones ^^ (Or Indiana Croft? But, the dog’s name was Indiana, and somehow that’s what got stuck in my mind). But then, maybe we should rather leave Indie out of a story around the tomb of a SERPENT queen … might cause some PTSD ^^ So, Miss Lara Croft, if I might ask you to take over completely …

    1. Those guns might come in handy at the very least!

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