Shara: It's kind of strange, though, isn't it?
Katharina: What?
Shara: Even if it's a tomb there should be some kind of ROAD leading up to it, right? Or ... markers?
Katharina: I don't know. Don't underestimate what the jungle can do in two centuries. I'm not even sure there should be as much left as Pesh described ...
<they approach Pesh, who is talking to Lt. Kemyran>
Katharina: Ah there he is! PESH! How did your second tour go?
Pesh: Similar, Miss Grauch. We need to talk before you go on.
Katharina: So the ruins are ... ?
Pesh: They are right over this little hill, yes. But I STRONGLY advise you not to go over there with the whole treck already.
Katharina: I didn't plan to. Can you lead me there, as close as possible?
Shara: US, Kat.
Katharina: Right, us. I'll just tell the others to wait here for a moment. Can you tell your people to set up guards, Lieutenant?
Kemyran: On it, Ma'am.
Shara: So ... no signs of danger? Apart from the magic shit I mean?
Pesh: Nothing, no. It's like what I felt there spooked away everything and everyone who ever tried to live here.
Shara: GREAT. I sure hope Kat and her mages know how to handle this kind of thing ...
Pesh: You and me both.
<Pesh grabs Shara by the waist and pulls her toward him>
Pesh: Don't worry Shara. If something bad happens I'll be right here.
Shara: Sure. Then I can SHOOT YOU IN THE LEG so you'll limp even slower than me.
Pesh: Oh yeah, you can shoot me ANYTIME baby.
Shara: UGH. You're terrible.
<Pesh chuckles>



Alt-text: "Be careful what you say there Pesh. She might take your word for it."

Who remembers Lieutenant Kemyran? They did actually say a few words before!

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  1. D’aaaaaw, what a cute couple they are … *snicker*

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