↓ Transcript
<A littel bit later, Katharina, Pesh and Shara are observing the ruins from a safe distance>
Pesh: As I said: One large building - that's the one right there.
Katharina: Is it ... octagonal?
Pesh: I guess. The other ones are those small ones there and there. And there's another one on the other side that we can't see right now.
Katharina: Fascinating! And ... you didn't go further than here?
Pesh: I did actually. But ... something didn't FEEL right. I came as far as that piece of wall over there before ...
Katharina: Before what? What did it feel like?
Pesh: It's hard to explain. It's like you have a feeling something BAD is going to happen. Your skin is crawling, your stomach tingling ... and it gets worse the further you go in.
Shara: Ugh, that's NASTY. I HATE shit like that. Why does magic always have to mess with your HEAD?
Pesh: Had I continued I probably would have PANICKED sooner or later - so I just turned around and circled around it.
Katharina: So you know how far it reaches out?
Pesh: It's pretty much just this clearing, the effect falls off very quickly after that.
Katharina: Hmmh ... I can kind of feel something. FAINTLY. It has to be really locally focussed. AMAZING!
Shara: "AMAZING?"? There's a fucking PANIC FIELD over the thing you came here to study!
Katharina: Oh, we'll find a way around that! I'm not giving up so quickly. We didn't slog all these days through the jungle only to TURN AROUND now!
Shara: That ALMOST sounded confident. Did you practice?
Katharina: Shut up. <quietly> ... And yes I did.