Shara: So what exactly are you gonna do now? Are you just gonna ... COUNTERMAGIC until the stuff is gone?
Katharina: The word you mean is "dispell". And Lhûn, no ... that'd be WAY too risky. First we need to find out more about that field. Its origin and structure ... only THEN we can try to disable it without any UNFORTUNATE SIDE-EFFECTS.
Shara: And you're gonna do that by yourself? Just by sitting there and closing your eyes?
Katharina: No, I'll need help of course!
Shara: And from whom? Tell me if I'm wrong, but your two elder colleagues ain't exactly great mages, are they?
Katharina: ... how do you know that?
Shara: I have an eye for that.
Katharina: Well ... you're right. Professor Brahms and Professor Queahn are here more for the ... HISTORY and ARCHEOLOGY part.
Shara: And for telling you that you're wrong?
Katharina: <sighs>Whenever they can.
Shara: So who's gonna help you with this? Your guards?
Katharina: Actually yes! I specifically wanted at least two people in the guard who could help me with that.
Shara: And that'll be enough?
Katharina: With the right TOOLS it should, yes.
Shara: ... I was WONDERING what all that shit was that you brought with you.
<The guards Chris and Fernanda walk up carrying three magical devices on tripods>
Chris: Chris Wilborn and Fernanda Arland are ready to assist you, Ma'am.
Fernanda: YES!



Alt-text: "Fernanda is more motivated to work than I could ever hope to be."

Despite what you might think, there weren't actually that many people in the Guild who are both good scholars and good mages. Or maybe there were a few more but they ... really didn't want to go into that jungle for that long. For which I can't blame them, actually ...

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  1. Doesn’t sound like there was any backupplan in case of losses ^.- A good thing then that noone was killed during the attack … the guardian angels worked well. So far.

    1. Yeah, neither the Guild nor Katharina are comfortable with planning for people dying … lets hope they don’t need to learn, soon :X

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