<A bit later, Katharina, is using one of the devices to analyze the clearing>
Katharina: So ... the field does PRECISELY span the whole clearing, and nothing more. It is very CLEAN and LOCALLY FOCUSSED and seems stable. Although ... there does seem to be SOME instability stirring beneath it. I can't tell if it is part of the spell or something else. The whole texture of the spell is hard to pin down.
<West of the ruins, Chris is using another one of the devices. Katharina communicates telepathically with them>
Katharina: It definitely carries a STRONG TELEPATHIC LOAD, both active and passive. Its main goal seems to be the evocation of emotion - probably FEAR based on Mr. Azveddan's experience - and the blocking of incoming telepathics. It is ... INCREDIBLY powerful, but based on residual traces of sublimation I'd say it had to be even more powerful in the past and lost some of it over time. Possibly a LONG time. Do you agree?
Chris: It is ... hard for me to tell Ma'am, but I'd agree.
Katharina: Mr. Wilborn agrees. Whoever created this must have needed a large amount of energy and expertise as there does not seem to be any sort of external energy source ... at least as far as I can tell.
<South of the ruins, Fernanda is on the third device>
Katharina: Concerning the texture ... I think it MIGHT have been someone from the Tyr'Enn, but I am REALLY unsure. It feels very strange. Does anyone have an Idea? Fernanda?
Fernanda: <visibly struggling> I ... er ... no clue ... sorry Ma'am ...
Katharina: Ms. Arland is ... UNSURE, too. In conclusion, I think we have to be careful as there are a lot of unknown variables here and there is strong magic involved ... but it does NOT appear to be unstable. I think we can continue in trying to dispell it. Fernanda, Chris, thank you both. You can rest for a bit.
<Back to the northeast, Katharina steps back. Book is behind her, having written everything down, while Shara watched from the back>
Katharina: PHEW ... did ... did you get all that?
Book: I didn't understand much of it but I wrote it all down!
Katharina: Thank you ... I tend to forget things if I have to do it myself afterwards ...
Shara: ... If this is your guys' idea of a date I kinda pity you.



Alt-text: "Poor Fernanda ... this might be a little above her skill level."

Just to be clear what's happening here (because I'm not sure it is self-evident): All three of them have picked a spot around the clearing and are now analyzing together. Each of them also has someone to watch their back during that, of course. Lt. Kemyran watches Chris and Pesh watches Fernanda, Katharina has Shara there. And Book, I guess. And she is communicating her readings both telepathically to the other two as well as talking aloud so Book can hear it and take notes. He want to help as best as he could, didn't he?

What Katharina is doing here is pretty high level magic of course ... Chris and Fernanda can't contribute a lot to it apart from just helping keep the analyzing spell up and steady while Kat peers through it.

Announcement: At the end of the year I am once again going to take two weeks off. Next week will still be a normal update, then on December, 28th and January, 4th there will only be some sketches. On January, 11th the story will start into the new year. And hoo boy is it going to be a year ... !

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