Alt-text: "Poor Fernanda ... this might be a little above her skill level."

Just to be clear what's happening here (because I'm not sure it is self-evident): All three of them have picked a spot around the clearing and are now analyzing together. Each of them also has someone to watch their back during that, of course. Lt. Kemyran watches Chris and Pesh watches Fernanda, Katharina has Shara there. And Book, I guess. And she is communicating her readings both telepathically to the other two as well as talking aloud so Book can hear it and take notes. He want to help as best as he could, didn't he?

What Katharina is doing here is pretty high level magic of course ... Chris and Fernanda can't contribute a lot to it apart from just helping keep the analyzing spell up and steady while Kat peers through it.

Announcement: At the end of the year I am once again going to take two weeks off. Next week will still be a normal update, then on December, 28th and January, 4th there will only be some sketches. On January, 11th the story will start into the new year. And hoo boy is it going to be a year ... !

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