Updated on 2017-10-28

↓ Transcript
Master Coumi: Maybe I should tell you right away, that one of your assumptions is probably incorrect ...
Katharina: Eh ... what do you mean?
Master Coumi: While I sent the letter describing a need for an expert in ancient ruins down here, I merely redirected the inquiry from my colleague in Serpent's End.
Master Coumi: <smiles apologetic> I'm afraid your journey isn't over yet, Miss Grauch.
Katharina: ... pardon me?
Katharina: You can't ... Argh great ... <facepalms>
Master Coumi: I'm very sorry ... but don't worry, you can have a room here and take a few days of rest before you continue.
Katharina: But -
Master Coumi: Is it alright if I explain the whole thing to you in detail tomorrow morning? I still have some things to do, and you look like you should give your legs some well deserved rest. No offense.
Katharina: Ngh ... <sighs> Alright, that's ... actually a good idea ...
Master Coumi: Great. Come on, I'll show you your room.