Updated on 2017-10-28: The font used here for the diary entries is one I originaly considered for the main text font – but it didn’t really look that good in normal speech bubbles.
Credits to follower “mysticx” on DeviantArt who pointed out it’d make for a good “Handwriting”-font :)

↓ Transcript
<Katharina sits in her room and writes into her travel diary>
Katharina: <writes> "Day 35 of my travel. I'm beginning to doubt wether agreeing to this was a good idea at all. I spent a whole, exhausting month to get here, most of the time accompanied by that more than unsympathic and unfriendly byzarian crook of a woman."
Katharina: <thinks> ... And that bitch even stole my circlet. I still can't believe I let her walk away with that!
Katharina: <sighs, continues to write> "After this whole month of walking through overgrown terrain and hot and sticky forests I thought I had finally met my destination - just to be told I have only a few days before I need to stard wandering again."
Katharina: <writes> "Why didn't Master Coumi talk about that in his message? This whole guild here feels wrong ... everyone seems to bury themselves in here, afraid to be seen by the common folk outside (or at least reluctant)."