Katharina: <writes> "I know we are often envied for our talent to manipulate magic. I guess that's also the reason why Shara was so unfriendly towards me. Maybe for some reason our reputation here is worse than elsewhere. I just hope it will be better in my (hopefully) final destination: Serpent's End. Although the name certainly does not sound more inviting ..."
Katharina: <thinks> ... and I don't even know how far away that is. Gods, I hope it's not another month of travel ...
Katharina: <writes> "I really hope what I heard about historic barian and tyr'enn ruins around here is true. It would be an adequate compensation for the hardships I had to face to get here.
Katharina: <thinks> That's enough. Let's see what tomorrow brings ...



Alt-text: "I wanted to close with a date or something ... but I didn't feel like thinking of a human calendar right now ..."

Updated on 2017-10-28: ... of course I left the signature unchanged. (Please don't use it to buy fridges for poor Kat)

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